This pendant features a unique molded shape.
 I found these small glass dishes at a local antique store.  I am not sure what they would have been used for.  They sure are pretty though!
 I made a mold of the oval dish with ETI's Silicone Putty.  The best features of silicone putty  for mold making are:
The only thing you have to remember is that you need to let the mold 
cure for 24 hours before pouring resin into it.
I began my pendant by pouring in Envirotex Lite that I added white pigment to.  A tiny drop of this pigment makes your clear resin completely opaque.
When the first layer was cured I added my image and some glitter.  I worked right in the mold.  Then I poured the top layer of clear Envirotex Lite.  When everything was cured I popped the finished casting out of the putty.  I did sand the edges a little, but basically the piece was done!
All I did was add a bail to the backside!  Voila!
If you want to read more about how to make a piece wearable check out this post.

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