Friday, March 9, 2012

Jewelry Resin - On Glittered Paper

 These samples were difficult to photograph!
They have so many bright spots.
 I placed a bee charm on a butterfly body to make this embellishment.
 The caps began as an experiment.  
I cut some pre-glittered paper and placed them into the bottle caps. 
 I did not seal the paper with any mod podge or Ultra Seal.   
I figured with all that glitter how would you even see a paper stain?
 So I added some charms and metal embellishments and simply poured in some Jewelry Resin.
The glitter paper looks amazing!  
My pieces cured perfectly and I don't see any stains at all.


  1. Gorgeous! Love how the contrast of the charms - really makes these pop

  2. I agree, the glitter paper looks great. It looks like a little pot of glitter~

  3. Are these for sale anywhere?


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