Jewelry Resin & HHH Enterprises Specialty Paper!

 These bottle caps are filled with some special HHH Enterprises paper images and Jewelry Resin.
 I always do my experiments in a bottle cap.  I have been meaning to test the specialty papers HHH Enterprises sent to me.  I did not seal these papers at all.  I simply glued them into the bottom of the bottle cap and poured in some Jewelry Resin.  They turned out perfect so I wrote to Ronda at HHH to tell her and ask her why this paper is so great in resin.
"It’s combination of a special paper as well as a printer grade ink.   They are formatted for Envirotex resin as I’ve been using that product over 10 years now."
So if you want to work with something fabulous, took a look at all the papers Ronda has and you'll be so inspired!  I have several more samples to share with you this week!

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