Jewelry Resin - Bigger is Better!

Jewelry Resin is in demand!  
The company was asked to make a larger kit so we have a four ounce package.
Since we have a new size, we needed some new samples for the packaging.
 At the end of last year I took a day and gathered up a huge collection of bezels.  I wanted to give ETI a collection of bezels filled with Jewelry Resin to select from for the new packaging.
 I loved them all.  How to pick?  I packed them up and shipped them not knowing which might be chosen.  In the end, a picture of me ending up on the packaging!
Here are the six bezels that were chosen:
 1.  Bottle cap with a picture of me!
2.  Bezel with vintage paper and dried flower.
3.  Bezel with a coffee/cool gal image.
4. Pewter bezel with vintage book writing and dried flower.
5.  Bezel with cute pink monkey.
6.  Star bezel with a picture of my dog Magnus!

I wanted to share with you links to the digital art I used.  I always ask artists if I can use their work in any extra ordinary circumstances.  These two artists were very happy to be included.

 Peace Monkey digital image from Indonesian Etsy shop Blessedshop.  You can get these monkeys in blue or pink!
 Coffee digital image from Italian Etsy shop Jayleeloo.  I have bought so many great digital sheets from Sabrina.  I adore her work!

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