Jewelry Resin and Sequins

 Here are some very pretty bottle caps filled to the brim with one of my favorite resin inclusions.
 Sequins look like they are suspended in water when Jewelry Resin is poured over them.
 This project began when I stopped into my local Dollar store.  They had these great packages of sequins in many colours I have never seen before.
 It was very relaxing to sort all the colours into these individual watch tins. 
 As I was sorting, I had some spillage.  I just scooped up those small piles and dropped them into a bottle cap.  
I didn't use any glue to hold them in place.  
I just carefully poured about a tea spoon of Jewelry Resin right over them and let them settle into place.
Some of the sequins are completely covered and a few stick out only partially submerged.  I love how these turned out!

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