Jewelry Resin and Photo Index Samples

 This pin is my salute to my home.  I am going to be wearing it on my coat when I go on my next trip.
One of my favorite places to get images to embed in resin is in my own photography collection.  Do you keep or throw away the index pages that come with your printed photos?  Even if you don't send your photos to the printer, you can still print an index sheet in most photo programs.  I recently enlarged some of the photos of a backyard sunset that my husband took.  The 8x10 printed enlargements turned out beautiful and we framed them to enjoy in the house.  The index sheet however, is what I was very excited about!  I placed one sunset shot in my bezel and then poured Jewelry Resin over it.  Done.  No further embellishing needed.
 I used some metal stamps to create this little heart with my puppies name on it.
Now I have something to wear on my jacket that will be a constant reminder of home.

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