Monday, March 26, 2012

Jewelry Resin and Decorative Pebbles

 This pebble filled bezel is a great way to show you how Jewelry Resin can be used as a glue.
 I placed a handful of these pebbles in this bezel.  I did not even glue them in place.  I decided to just pour Jewelry Resin over them and let them cure in place.
 I often get asked what I do with all my samples.  One of my favorite things is to decorate boxes.
 The colours in my bezel work well with the colours of this box.
Here is another gift box I have prepared with a different image.


  1. Where does the bag of pebbles come from?

  2. Where did you get those pebbles from? I can't seem to find them no matter where I look.

  3. I got those pebbles in the flower decorating section in Michaels....they are meant to be in jars to hold up fake floral stems!

  4. OMG thank-you so much for replying. ^__^ Your work is just stunning, I love your blog so much. I can't wait to go to Michaels!


  5. I hope they are still there. I noticed that even my Dollar Store was carrying things like this now!

    1. I have to go craft shopping very soon. I wouldn't have even think to look at my local dollar store. Still haven't been to Michaels yet but I now want to check to see if any of my local stores have things like these.

      Thank-you so much for the heads up. You are just too awesome



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