Envirotex Lite As A Super Glue!

 This is a little salute to spring.  My tiny pastel embellishments look like Easter eggs.
 The project began with this Antique Silver Nautical Open Heart Frame which was given to me by HHH Enterprises.  They have so many unique bezels and frames in their store.  (If you just search for "hearts" they have pages and pages of wonderful options and this frame is available in gold too.)  I decided to make a new back for my heart.  I rolled out some special resin clay.
 Then I set my open heart into the clay.  I pressed firmly to make sure I had good contact between the heart and the clay.
 I cut away the excess clay and let this cure in place for 24 hours.
 I painted the inside of the heart.
Then I gathered my floral embellishments.  I cut these smaller stems from a bunch of faux flowers.
When they were in place I poured in a small batch of Envirotex Lite resin.  The flower stems were wrapped in green florist paper.  See how the resin climbed the paper?  In the next photo you'll see why that is brilliant.
The green paper stems acted like a sponge drawing resin all they way to their tips.  I makes everything very solid and secure.  My embellishments were fragile when I first placed them...now they are very strong!  The Envirotex Lite resin cured beautifully and my heart looks like it is filed with water!

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