Thursday, February 9, 2012

What To Wear When You Teach Resin!

 I wanted to show you what I wore during the two classes I taught at the Craft and Hobby show last month.  Some of you will remember when I made this open tin piece for the blog last year. The link is here.  
We have some new blog followers now who have seen the final necklace and I wanted to be sure they knew about the tutorials I posted.
 I thought the original tin turned out beautiful and hoped it would be something I could wear.
With help from my friend Nancy, the strands were attached and I had a necklace that everyone really liked!


  1. stunning!!!!!!
    and it was my pleasure to "connect the dots"

  2. very fantastic! The open tin was fabulous on its own, and as a necklace it is remarkable and quite unique!!!

  3. I love it ! It's totally you and your love for Paris !


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