St Patrick's Day Resin

 Here is a simple idea for St Patrick's Day.  My finished button has two layers of Envirotex Lite resin.
(I am working with Envirotex Lite because not everyone has access to our new Jewelry Resin yet.  Envirotex Lite is still a wonderful resin!!)
I have been wanted to remind you that not all rhinestones are alike. 
So this finished peice represents a "bad resin pour" and "how to fix a resin mistake" post.
 I started with some paper and some gold peel offs.  They filled my button nicely and I protected the paper with Ultra-Seal.  I bought this sheet of rhinestone glittered four leaf clovers at my Dollar store.  Yes, they were only $1.
 I adhered them to my button and you can see how nice the rhinestones looked.  
Then I poured in some Envirotex Lite.
 20 minutes later...rhinestones are gone.
Now, not all plastics are the same.   
But I do know plastic will just dissolve in resin.
 I could have lived with this button as is.  
The green dots left after the rhinestones disappeared are still pretty.
But I always choose to do a second pour so I can get a great resin dome on my pieces.  I added in the gold leaves and some gel pen markers.  Then I did one last pour and I am very happy with the results now!

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