Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jewelry Resin - Officially Launched at CHA!

 I am back from the Craft and Hobby show in California!  I taught two Jewelry Resin classes (sold out) and let me tell you, it was very exciting to see people use the new resin for the first time!  Here is my "before the class photo."
 Here is the "during the class photo."
 The samples everyone could make in this class were so much fun to design!  I'll do a few close ups later this week to tell you about the sponsors of these bezels.
 We placed all the final pieces in a pizza box.
 When the samples were in place, we mixed up the new Jewelry Resin together.
 Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves!
Wendy Russel and Daniel John even stayed to hang out in the class!


  1. How fabulous, Carmi!!!!! Looks so fun!! Great to see you at airport :) xo

  2. So happy you're back! Can't wait to hear more and see pics!

  3. Love your creativity. I have a question for you: where can we buy this and what is the difference from the regular resin? You can email me @ mmontecalvo at verizon dot net. Thanks Mary M

  4. I wish I could see some of the designs your students created ! Hope it was a success!


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