Jewelry Resin - The Heart of Stone

 I had a hard time titling this blog post!
I thought it might be "Stone Heart" or "Rocky Heart."  No matter which title I picked, it didn't seem like a very nice Valentine's idea.  The "Resilient Heart" is what I was trying to portray but there isn't a catchy title for that either.  So here it is.  A pretty heart made of tiny gem stone fragments.
 I made it in a heart shaped baking cup.  In order to ensure I had a flat back my first pour was just Jewelery Resin.  I allowed this to cure.  You can see the resin in the bake ware...I poured in about 1/8 of an inch.
 Twenty four hours later I added my gem stones. I poured in about 1/8 of an inch of additional new resin and just dropped in my stones. As long as a part of each stone was touching the wet resin I knew I would end up with one solid heart.
Isn't it great!  I am so glad I didn't pour resin over the stone.  They are solidly embedded and the flat back will make this an easy pendant.

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