Friday, February 10, 2012

Jewelry Resin - The Heart of Stone

 I had a hard time titling this blog post!
I thought it might be "Stone Heart" or "Rocky Heart."  No matter which title I picked, it didn't seem like a very nice Valentine's idea.  The "Resilient Heart" is what I was trying to portray but there isn't a catchy title for that either.  So here it is.  A pretty heart made of tiny gem stone fragments.
 I made it in a heart shaped baking cup.  In order to ensure I had a flat back my first pour was just Jewelery Resin.  I allowed this to cure.  You can see the resin in the bake ware...I poured in about 1/8 of an inch.
 Twenty four hours later I added my gem stones. I poured in about 1/8 of an inch of additional new resin and just dropped in my stones. As long as a part of each stone was touching the wet resin I knew I would end up with one solid heart.
Isn't it great!  I am so glad I didn't pour resin over the stone.  They are solidly embedded and the flat back will make this an easy pendant.


  1. I like this. Could also be very cool if the resin were tinted.... would look kinda like grout.

  2. Love it. Bake it, shape it - any way you want it.

  3. Hi Carmi -- I was wondering what you do to make this a pendant. Do you drill a hole in it (if so, what kind of drill?) or embroider around it or what? I'm just loving all these things you come up with. I'll be getting some of the jewelry resin on my next trip to Michael's! Thanks.

    1. Hi Sally! I did a special post for you today!

  4. This heart is really very pretty - good job!


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