Envirotex Lite - Large Brass Heart

 Here is another example of a piece I made with Envirotex Lite resin.  If you can't get your hands on our new Jewelry Resin, don't wait to try resin crafts.  Envirotex Lite is still an excellent choice for your jewelry projects!
 This big brass heart has been in my junk drawer for a while.  It is a little too big to wear so I thought I would turn it into an embellishment for a different project.  The brass colouring was very bright.  I needed to tone it down or my gold butterfly paper layer would not be very visible.  I pulled out a paper napkin to dull the brass.
 Here is the brass heart after I glued some paper napkin to the bottom.  The napkin is almost translucent now but it did its job!
 Then I glued in all my paper inclusions. 
One shallow pour of Envirotex Lite later and I have a finished embellishment!
Envirotex Lite is available is many many locations!  Check out this link.

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