Envirotex Lite - Handmade Tissue Paper

 These bezels look like they have some truly organic paintings trapped in resin.
You won't believe how simple it is to make something this beautiful.
I received some handmade tissue paper from Hilary Stephens who is a Technician/Customer Service person for Environmental Technology Inc.  I was so surprised to see these samples in my last box from Hilary that I wanted to create something special with them.

 I learned many years ago to look for "the sweet spot" in any sort of a collage or layered paper sample.  These two tiny sections appealed to me for their colour palette and I cut them out and glued them into the bezel.  No other embellishment was needed!  All I did was pour in Envirotex Lite.
I turned one of the cured bezels into this very pretty bracelet.  If you would like to learn more about how I made the bracelet there is a post today on the John Bead blog explaining the kumihimo braid I colour matched my bezel too.

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