Jewelry Resin - On Agate Slices Part ONE

 Today I am going to start a project that I feel certain will have you looking up rock shops in your yellow pages!
 Slices of agate are sold in many jewelery related stores.  They can be used as interesting pendants in a necklace.  Some slices are wide enough to be coasters.  I like to find them in shapes that are wearable.  I also like to make them my own.  Mother nature already does a great job with them.  
Resin makes them even better!
 I have a HUGE paper napkin collection.  This is just one box. Napkins and tissue paper are my first choice to work with because I can make them look like they are embedded in the rock.
 Here are my two slices air drying after I glued my paper napkin images in place.  
Already interesting aren't they?
 And now for Jewelry Resin!  I make a small batch and with a paint brush I glaze the surface.
Someone asked me how thick my glaze was and I hoped to capture it in a picture.  I make sure the brush is saturated and paint the surface once.  
These are my slices curing.  I am not done!  
Tomorrow...PART TWO!

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