Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jewelry Resin - On Agate Slices Part TWO

 Here they are!  Even better than I had planned!  My images of the famous Klimt painting are from a paper napkin and now they look like they were specially embedded unto the slice.
 Yesterday I showed you one layer of glaze on the napkin on the agate slice.
When that cured I added some extra markings with my gell markers to highlight sections of the images.  I then applied a second glaze layer of Jewelry ResinI know many of you are waiting to get your hands on this new resin!  The fact that it de-gasses and cures this crystal clear is why my piece looks so amazing!
 I got asked a few questions that I'll answer here for everyone.  
"Where do I get my napkins?"
I never pass a kitchen specialty store without popping in to see if they have any interesting napkins.  I also hosted a napkin exchange gathering a few years ago when 12 women each brought 12 different napkin packs to the gathering which we traded.  That was a great way to build my collection.
"Do the agate slices come pre-drilled?"
Some do...and I recommend getting those as it saves you lots of work later.  The slice on the right was pre-drilled.  However, the slice on the left was not so it allowed me to work any which way I wanted.  I chose to glue a piece of metal filigree to the back to create two new attachment points.
I am very excited with these two samples!  I'll turn them into something wearable soon!


  1. Gorgeous!! I'm so motivated to try resin again!

  2. gorgeous and SO creative! I love the idea of using napkins.

  3. I love the napkin exchange idea!

    Pretty napkins are such versatile craft supplies.

  4. What type of gel markers did you use? These are beautiful!

    1. The brand I use is Sakura and they are in the scrap booking section in Michaels.

  5. I love using resin and have made quite a few necklaces in the past. I sold all of them.
    Is the demand for resin jewelry still as popular as it was a couple of years ago? I love the medium and would like to get back into it.


  6. Ok, I'm ready to try resin again! I did not have very much luck out here in the desert. Seems lots and lots of dust particles floating in the air, but I really want to try again. And, Michael's had 3 packages of the Jewelery resin.... can't believe they only had 3, but it's better than none at all! I'm going to start looking out for napkins too. They look great!


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