Jewelry Resin and Paper Cupcake Wrappers

Here is a very sweet way to give someone a box of chocolates for Valentines Day.  Instead of a bow, you can use a little cupcake wrapper featuring poured resin and a candy.
 There are so many cupcake wrappers available now.  I turn them inside out so that the colours are now on the inside (where the cupcake would have been.)
I protect the paper from resin staining with a few sprays of acrylic lacquer.  This is not easy to do because the paper is so light the spray moves it around.  I usually spray the wrappers in a small box so I can contain them.

 While I was making my two cupcake items I decided to make a molded heart too.  
Here is a reminder.  Little pieces of candy like this have tiny locations where air can hide.  Ordinarily the Jewelry Resin de-gasses itself...but it can't compensate for rows of air pockets like you need to watch your piece for about 30 minutes and pop those bubbles if you see them.
 I also did something I usually don't do.  I moved one of the candies after it was in the resin for a left a stain which I didn't see until everything had cured.
In the end though, I have a really pretty presentation for my box of chocolate!