Jewelry Resin and Buttons

 I have a fun and inexpensive bezel project to share with you today!  
Welcome back and Happy New Year!
This project falls under the theme "what to do with left overs."   
I create a lot of art in my studio.  Certain leftovers I can't bear to toss in the trash and I end up having all sorts of little stashes that need to be included in a project.  On this table you see:
1.  Old book pages.
2.   A little tub of pyrite flakes. (packing material when ETI couriers me resin)
3. Small piece of broken rhinestone.
4.  Embellished ribbon.
5.  Extra button pack attached to a shirt I bought.
6.  Rhinestone string...left over from a beading project.
7  Very inexpensive large plastic buttons.
 My project begins with me lining my buttons with paper.  I protect the paper with several coats of Ultra Seal.  This protects the paper and gives me a pretty background.  Then I glue in my inclusions.  (Ultra Seal is a glue too!)
 Ultra Seal dries clear so when I am adding in 3D items I use a lot of glue knowing it will look great dry.  The pyrite flakes stick beautifully.
 Here are the pieces before I pour in Jewelry Resin.  It is a little trickier to pour resin over objects that are so dimensional.  Over-pours can happen quickly so I take my time. 
 Here is the leftovers heart.
 My leftovers triangle.
And my favorite, leftovers oval.

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