Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jewelry Resin and Bottle Caps Featuring Cari Lopez Art

 A little eye candy to make you smile!
 One of my favorite digital artists is Cari Lopez.  When she sent me a little note saying this new grouping of art was available to buy in her online shop I could not press the pay pal button fast enough!
 When I get her art I happily open it on my screen and start planning what I want to print.
 The other item I discovered was the fantastic collection of bottle caps from Bottle Cap Inc.  They paint both sides of the cap making the inside bezel fabulous to work in!  They are one of the sponsors for our weekend workshops at the Craft and Hobby show in California.  Wait till you see the samples I made for that!
 Because Cari's art is already layered and looks three dimensional...there is not much for me to do!  I added some glitter to the edges after I sealed the paper with Ultra-Seal (yes, you can use mod-podge!)
Aren't they fantastic??  I used our new Jewelry Resin...and you can see how crystal clear it is!


  1. the colorful bottle caps do look fun! and they are more splayed at the edges than ones you get off actual bottles. Does that make them easier to work in?

  2. They did seem easier to work in...but because they are clean and painted and do not have the plastic sealer I have to peel out in beer bottle caps...the time savings is a great!

  3. Oh myyyyyyyyyyyy!!! You are great, hon! It's fantastic! Is wonderful to see the product transformed into Bottle Caps Art! I was thrilled! Thank you, is an honor for me!

  4. Hello there, do you know when the Jewellery Resin will be available in the UK? I've been to Envirotex site and looked up their suppliers but can't find any so I'm guessing it's yet to make it here.

    1. It will be a little while...the official launch is this weekend at the International Craft and Hobby show in's hoping a UK distributor picks it up!

    2. Thanks for that, I have a fair bit of the original Envirotex Lite and can now happily say that I've cracked it and all my pendants come out perfectly! It's just getting very precise and not rushing or flapping. I love the effect of it. :)

  5. I liked very much your bottle caps work. Thanks for sharing.


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