EasyCast in Bracelet Molds - Part ONE

Resin Crafts readers...I am having way too much fun!
As you can probably tell, I have a several bracelet molds out on my table and I am thinking about what my final peices should represent.  This mold will feature calla lillies which will be a salute to Frida Kahlo.
This mold has the petals from some dried flowers.  I have no idea if they will stay standing in my mold, but I am prepared to try!  You can see in this picture that I have already poured EasyCast into the mold and so far my petals aren't moving around too much.
EasyCast is a two component, low odor, solvent free, clear casting epoxy.
I get asked all the time about which resin works best for different projects.
EasyCast was chemically engineered by ETI to work beautifully in molds!
My First Steps:
1.  I sprayed my mold with mold release.  Re-usable polypropylene molds are fairly stiff.  You'll want/need the release to get your finished piece out of the mold.  I know you are going to ask - where do I get my molds?  I am not affiliated with any mold makers.  Living in the country I am an online shopper and I ordered these molds on Amazon. 
2.  I poured1/4 of an inch of EasyCast into the mold and let that cure before I added my inclusions.  This way my items will look like they are floating...which will make way more sense tomorrow!

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