Thursday, January 12, 2012

EasyCast in Bracelet Molds - Part ONE

Resin Crafts readers...I am having way too much fun!
As you can probably tell, I have a several bracelet molds out on my table and I am thinking about what my final peices should represent.  This mold will feature calla lillies which will be a salute to Frida Kahlo.
This mold has the petals from some dried flowers.  I have no idea if they will stay standing in my mold, but I am prepared to try!  You can see in this picture that I have already poured EasyCast into the mold and so far my petals aren't moving around too much.
EasyCast is a two component, low odor, solvent free, clear casting epoxy.
I get asked all the time about which resin works best for different projects.
EasyCast was chemically engineered by ETI to work beautifully in molds!
My First Steps:
1.  I sprayed my mold with mold release.  Re-usable polypropylene molds are fairly stiff.  You'll want/need the release to get your finished piece out of the mold.  I know you are going to ask - where do I get my molds?  I am not affiliated with any mold makers.  Living in the country I am an online shopper and I ordered these molds on Amazon. 
2.  I poured1/4 of an inch of EasyCast into the mold and let that cure before I added my inclusions.  This way my items will look like they are floating...which will make way more sense tomorrow!


  1. Love these molds and have seen some amazing things made with them. Carmi, these will turn out amazing and .... I have them for sale here in my Kitchener/online store ...since you mentioned it *wink* :)

    1. Hey Karen! That is good news for southern Ontario shoppers!

  2. I love the calla lily idea. I love lilies. The problem I have is determining wrist sizes to correspond with these molds. In store there is a limited selection and they don't give any indication of wrist sizes. Do the ones you order online give more info?

  3. How much are the molds that you usually buy? I haven't found any molds at my craft stores, so it looks like Amazon is my best option. I bought EasyCast to play with, so now I need some molds. I don't know whats a good price point, but I think I'd enjoy this bracelet mold (I have skinny wrists, are there different sizes?) and I'm looking for small molds. Whats a good price point for both?

  4. I'm excited to see the results! By the way, have you tried popping your molds into the freezer for 5-10 minutes (after they have completely cured) right before you unmold them? I've found that they release far more easily that way, even without the Mold Release.

  5. @ Chris - I second that question. Could you put a link up for the molds you used? I love it when sites do that for their tutorials - I never take it as an endorsement, but a helpful step for the readers :)

  6. Hi everyone, if you are looking for bracelet molds you can do two things: google resin molds or you can do what I did and searched "resin molds" on Sizing etc is something you need to research yourselves. I buy anything LARGE because I do have large hands...even then, it seems a tight fit. Also, as you can see from the first comment. Karen, who is in Canada, has an online store, and she is a person who I know and who would take care of your order professionally.

  7. I found Karen's store! Here are the molds:


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