Words In Resin - Using Clear Labels

 Hello everyone.  This is tip four in my series!  As you can see from the sample the words "Happy Days" appear to be floating in my resin filled bottle cap.
 I print my own address labels and usually purchase "clear" labels so they look nice on both white and multi-coloured envelopes. 
 The bonus of using labels is that they are adhesive backed.  So you can apply them to your piece and they are stuck in place.  The downside is that occasionally you can see the cut edges of the label.  This technique is really effective with art that is very colorful.
Like paper, I still protect my label with mod podge before pouring resin over it.  I also have a laser printer which makes my words virtually waterproof.  If you use an ink jet printer to print your labels, you might smudge the surface ink when you apply mod-podge.  It can be done though.  You have to be careful and brush your protective coating on with one quick stroke.
Once again, I used the new Envirotex Lite Jewelry resin for this project.