Friday, December 30, 2011

One Last Post - Vintage Resin!

With the year end just around the corner I wanted to show you one last inspirational idea for working with resin.  I sure wish I knew who made this bracelet.  I bought it at an outdoor antique market.  That doesn't mean it is an antique....but based on the brass hinge component, it has been around for a while.
 This bracelet is made of two parts.  It opens nicely because of the hinge and sits on the wrist with the two front sections visible.  I wonder why I have not seen more of this style. 
The shell themed inclusions are spectacular.  This bracelet is like bringing home a Florida vacation on your wrist.  Today, given that we are in the snow belt and shovelling is a piece of jewelry that is making me day dream a little about the beach.  I hope to make something inspired by it in 2012.
Have a great New Year's Weekend Friends!  See you on January 2!


  1. Awesome!! Thanks for all of your
    ideas and tips, they are great! I've been looking for the new jewelry resin in my stores and can't find it yet. Any idea on when it may be hitting all stores?

  2. That is gorgeous! Makes me long for a day at the beach!

  3. Would you bend something like this with heat after pouring it flat? Just chomping at the bit, since it looks like that December release date has come and gone...


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