Non Traditional Bezels

 This owl features a scene from a vintage travel guide.  I call him "European Owl."
 He began as a necklace on sale.  He was on sale because the big jewel that resided in his tummy area (bright orange) went missing.  I was happy to get him with the jewel already detached.
 I glued the back of the owl pendant into this paper.  I pressed down many times because the back was uneven and I need the paper to have a good contact.
 After the first glue application dried I trimmed away the excess paper.  I applied several more coats of glue to both the back and the inside to make sure the paper was now completely stuck to the back.  
(Or my resin would find the hole and seep out.)
I did two resin pours for this project.  My first pour filled the owl bezel about half way.  This way I could see if there was any resin seeping out.  Luckily my paper backing worked perfectly. As you can see from the finished picture I now have a very unique pendant!

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