Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Little More Candy in Resin!

 Here is another fun bauble you can make with resin.  
This heart of resin is permanently showcasing real candy.
 I made it by using this mini cupcake mold.  I poured 1/8 of an inch of resin into the mold and let that cure.  I am not sure if you can see it in the top picture but I coloured the bottom resin orange.  I let that first pour completely cure.
 Then I piled in a bunch of these candy sprinkles and covered them in Envirotex Lite.  Now here is the possibly frustrating part.  All these tiny inclusions trap air....and you get lots of tiny bubbles...not caused by the resin but because the candy was added to this mold dry.  I don't mind this.  I babysit the resin for an hour or two and pop as many air bubbles as I can...but you just never know where air is trapped and when it might start to rise when you have this sort of a pile.
I am very happy with the colourful results!  
To learn more about colouring resin check out these links.


  1. Carmi, would you do me a favor and send me an email telling me how you take such great pictures of your items? I have 3 cameras and I don't think it's the cameras. I think it's operator error :0). Your pictures are so clear and close. I'm so impressed.

  2. this is wonderful. I am addicted to your blog. thank you, Carmi

    jean xox

  3. Just wondering - I used to work in a dental office and we would use a machine that would vibrate all the bubbles out of the plaster in teeth casts. Is this something you could apply to resin?

  4. Hi Mary, interesting idea...but I have not tried anything that would vibrate...resin is a lot thinner than plaster and I think it would create an over pour situation in a bezel.

  5. Hi! You got an amazing blog here! I just had a 8 hour seminar on resin (the instructor advised us to use exclusively ETI products) and I got amazed by the variety of uses this product has. And your work is wonderful! Keep on posting!


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