Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Jewelry Resin, Resin Bead and Candy!

 I have a "sweet" idea for you today!
Natural Touch sent me some amazing samples to play with and I did a project yesterday with several of their resin beads and a glazing technique.
 Today I am showing you what I did with a few of their resin slices.  It begins with a jar of candy sprinkles.  I saw some great shapes and colours and thought they would look great suspended in resin.
 I have demonstrated this technique for working in an open space already.  (If you look down the side of this blog you'll see a number of posts filed under "open back bezels.")  I set my slices on double sided tape and added a thin pour of resin to each.  By doing this I create a clear back.
 When that first pour cures I can add my candy inclusions.  I leave the tape in place to just give the back a little more strength.
 These are the candies I selected.  Then I did my final pour of resin and let everything cure a full 48 hours.
Once the cure is is very easy to pull away the double sided tape from the back side and you have these new pieces.  Candy suspended in resin!


  1. Very cute! Are the candies coated? I ask only because the don't look shiny, and I'm afraid that they'll eventually bleed.

  2. The candy was so dry I just popped them in. I wanted to experiment with them and I'll monitor them over the next few months to see if there is any colour bleeding. If I wasn't in such a rush, I would have covered them with some mod podge too...but I didn't want to wait!


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