Monday, December 19, 2011

Jewelry Resin For Gift Giving

 If you love working with resin as much as I do you'll start to look for any sort of an object that can be turned into a bezel.  I knew I would be able to design my own eye-catching and personal lids/tops when I spotted these small pewter containers.
 Objects embedded in resin seem magical to me. 
 The background of this little box is a feather.
 This box has special meaning.
I used the new Jewelry Resin for this project.  My finished pieces are crystal clear and my glass surface cured rock solid.  
I bought these pill boxes a few years ago so I don't know if you can still get them.  
The manufacturer is linked here.


  1. These look SO COOL! I'm going to be buying resin for myself soon, mainly to use with bottle caps or anything I find laying around, and I plan to buy a few basic molds, which would you suggest I buy? Jewelry Resin or EasyCast? I've never worked with it before, but I want to try several of your projects! Could I use the Jewelry Resin in molds? Thanks....I couldn't figure out how to just contact you...

  2. Hi Chris, EasyCast was invented to work in really is the best since you can do a deep pour. Jewelry Resin and Envirotex Lite are meant for shallow in a bezel. Both products can be used for both techniques..i.e. you can pour EasyCast in a bezel....but really, each works best for what they were designed for.

  3. Carmi, I've been to Michael's in Surprise, AZ two times now since the last time we emailed. They still do not have the resin. Is ETI selling on their website? I didn't see it. I'm getting really annoyed with Michaels. I see all the great things you are doing and I want to play too :0).

  4. I know Bonnie. I go to mine in North Toronto every other day because I want to take the first live photo...still waiting. I know everything was shipped...maybe they need more time to assign shelf location. I will ask again so you don't come home empty handed!!!

  5. They're fabulous, the objects look amazing under the resin, they really will make the most beautiful gifts. :)

  6. I've been to Michael's several times also ( in Mesa, AZ) and still no luck :( Anxiously awaiting.... can't wait to try the Jewelry resin!

  7. Thanks Carmi! Now to decide which to try first....

    for easy cast resin online. I love this idea. I'm going to try it with plastic gallon caps like from milk containers. I'm big into recycling.

  9. I love these!!! Were did you get the metal charms. I love them!

    Your projects are very inspirational!


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