Jewelry Resin and the Wood Bezel

My "Quiet Situation" bezel is another example of how you can use materials other than metal for a bezel.
 Just like in yesterdays post, I began with something thick enough that could be turned into a bezel.  This wood opening is about 1/8 of an inch deep.  All it needed was a back side to hold my resin and inclusions.
 I glued tissue paper to the back of the wood with mod podge.  Then I applied several more coats letting each coat dry so that the thin tissue paper felt very sturdy.
 I did the same to the inside of my wood bezel too.  You have to be patient.  A project like this sits on my table for a day or two.  Every time I walk by it I apply a layer of gel medium or mod podge so that I create a good solid tissue paper backer.
 You can see how strong it is because I added in all these shells.  I even added a little blue gilding to the shells to make them match my backing paper.  My last step was to pour in some Jewelry Resin.  Everything cured beautifully and my piece is very strong.
Yesterday someone asked me if the resin dripped through the tissue paper to the back side.  It doesn't if you protect the tissue paper with at least three layers of mod podge or gel medium.  Isn't that great!

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