Envirotex Lite and the Revamped Ornament

 Hello and welcome to my revamped ornament post!  Today I am showing you how to take a frame style ornament, fill it with resin, make it transparent while also floating imagery and inclusions in it!
 It began with a frame style ornament from 2007.  It was meant to hold a photo but somewhere along the way I lost the back side.  Ornaments with dates on them really get marked down in January.  This frame was pretty because there were rhinestones added and the date looks like it is floating in resin.
 This is the back.  It was fairly even but I knew I had to be careful around these marked zones.  Resin could easily seep through here.
 I work with super sticky double-sided tape usually called "red line."  I cut a piece that was approximately the size of my ornament.  One side of the tape sits on card stock and keeps the tape extra flat.
 I applied the tape to the back and really burnished the areas that were touching the metal surface.
 Then I flipped the ornament over and poured in a small amount of Envirotex Lite.  By doing this project in two pours I can be sure that my new clear back is stable and strong before adding in items.  You can see from my picture that this resin pour is very thin.
 After the first pour cured I had a glass like surface to work on.  I leave the tape in place for the whole time.  I added in my inclusions and poured more resin in.  The second pour was right to the brim.
 When the second pour was cured (48 hours) I knew I could peel away the double sided tape without stretching the resin.  It is solid as glass now.  The tape can leave some sticky residue.  You can either clean this away (like you do with a price tag on an object) or you could cover this back with one thin layer of resin.
I covered 2007 with a charm and now I have an ornament good for any year or any time!

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