Envirotex Jewelry Resin And The Magic Christmas Tree Picture

 I sure hope this image made you smile!  Isn't it beautiful?
 Yesterday I was scrolling through hundreds of Facebook posts when this image from Peggi Meyer Graminski appeared.  It stopped me in my tracks.  I wrote to her immediately and asked her about the picture and if I could use it for a blog post.  Her response gave me just enough time to create this one last post before the holiday weekend:
Hi Carmi! Yes, that would be fine - the photo I started with was a public domain image, and then I altered it in Paint Shop Pro to make it more "magical." I am glad you like it.
 There was little for me to do.  After placing the image in this pewter pill box I protected it with several layers of mod podge and then I added glitter.
One pour of the the new Jewelry Resin was all I needed to complete this magical box.
Thank you Peggi!  Peggi sells her imagery online.