Who Invented Resin for Crafters? - First in a series of Resin Facts Posts

Hello resin friends!  Over the next few weeks I will answer all the questions you emailed me last month.  To begin, I'll start with some information about the company.  As ETI's blogger, I do have access to the company historians and experts and I look forward to educating you about the company and the products it manufactures.
Who invented resin for crafters? 
Environmental Technology Inc. formulated and introduced the first two-component epoxy coating; the product was called “Envirotex” and it revolutionized the decoupage industry in 1969!

In 1981 with the advent of new refined base materials, Envirotex Lite was developed and introduced.  EnviroTex Lite incorporated many new features such as:
water-clear clarity,
high humidity resistance
and superior bubble release.

Does ETI make or buy their resin products?

We formulate and produce our own epoxies resulting in a high degree of quality, consistency and quality control.  Unlike some of our competitors, we do not buy pre-made low-grade bulk resin and hardener products, then attempt to market them as equals to “EnviroTex Lite”.  Over the years, we’ve seen this type of practice many times; unfortunately these low end products often lack many of the features found in Envirotex Lite.  EnviroTex Lite has become the “Standard” at which most competitors attempt to measure up to!