Vintage Flowers Meet Vintage Component

 This may be the neatest recycling project I have worked on in years!
 It began when I found this dried flower card in an antique postcard market in Paris.  My first thought was "how is this considered an antique?"  The note inside dated it 1982.  And then it hit me.  1982 really does not seem like that long ago...but in fact this is a 30 year old card.  The glue was disintegrating and the flowers were falling off at the slightest touch.
 I wanted to save as many of the flowers as I could.  (This is one of the projects...some of the flowers are going into a bigger piece.)  I had this old bezel setting in my stash.  Because it is open on both sides I wasn't sure how to use it.  So I used a technique I have shown before where I attach tape to one side and then pour in a tiny layer of Envirotex Lite. 
 When the resin cures, you can peel away the tape and it is as though you have a glass bottom.
 Then I selected some of the flowers.  Take a look and see that my new "resin bottom" is very allows me to still work in a deep cavity.
I glued the flowers in place and protected the them with three layers of mod-podge before covering eveything in Envirotex Lite.  
My finished bezel is a new keepsake featuring very old flowers.  
Here's hoping this gets recycled in 30 more years!

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