Shells and Resin

 "Handmade with abalone shell taken by divers from the ocean."
The sticker on the bottom of this pen holder describes this resin piece perfectly.  What I didn't add was the antique store's comment that this was an antique object....more than likely it is from the 70's.
I love it!  I am just back from a mini holiday with my family.  We were in Florida and we always stay on a small island.  The beach gave me lots of new ideas!
 The shells just pop with colour under resin.  I can clearly see how this was done.  One layer of clear resin.  Then the addition of the shells and then finally the base made with black resin.  I showed this technique in my summer series:  Clear Polyester Casting Resin.
I have a fountain pen that finally has a new home on my desk now!
This week I am going to show you some ideas I have for working with shells and leaves!

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