Monday, November 7, 2011

Shells and Resin

 "Handmade with abalone shell taken by divers from the ocean."
The sticker on the bottom of this pen holder describes this resin piece perfectly.  What I didn't add was the antique store's comment that this was an antique object....more than likely it is from the 70's.
I love it!  I am just back from a mini holiday with my family.  We were in Florida and we always stay on a small island.  The beach gave me lots of new ideas!
 The shells just pop with colour under resin.  I can clearly see how this was done.  One layer of clear resin.  Then the addition of the shells and then finally the base made with black resin.  I showed this technique in my summer series:  Clear Polyester Casting Resin.
I have a fountain pen that finally has a new home on my desk now!
This week I am going to show you some ideas I have for working with shells and leaves!

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  1. This is beautiful and I particularly like that the shell was brought up by divers rather than as a side product of the food industry (I'm a vegan :). I might do a paperweight with lots of clock parts embedded in it, I make alot of Steampunk jewellery. I'll have to wait until I can afford that much resin in one go though lol. Thanks for all your time on here :) Michelle


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