Thursday, November 10, 2011

Shells and Leaves - Fabulous Ornaments!

These three shells are the reason I LOVE Envirotex Lite!!
When I picked up these shells I had no idea that I would turn them into mini collages.
However, staring at them on the beach it occurred to me that they did make interesting bezels.
You can see I worked in these shells after suspending them in a bed of mini stones.  You can use rice or sand.  This way you can compensate for an uneven surface.
 This was my first layer of leaves and dried flowers embedded in Envirotex Lite.
I did opt to create a few more layers though!  

 The tiny brass charms in my collection look super under resin!
This shell might be the favourite.  It is Christmas themed and you can see that all I need to do is add a ribbon so that I can hang it on my tree.
I even wrote a message on one layer of the resin:  Home is where the heart it.
So, are you trying to remember where you put your shells now?


  1. beautiful, how are you hanging them? Are they strong enough to drill holes or do you just sort of tie around them?

  2. I plan to just glue on an attachment of some sort. I hate to drill a hole when I am not sure which way I plan to use them. They look so pretty just sitting on my desk right now!


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