Resin Facts - Resin and Food!

Question from a reader:  Do you know if Envirotex Lite is food safe? 

Yes and No.

No, do not use it to make objects that food is cooked or poured into.
Yes, you can use it for serving trays and of course table tops and bar counters.

"Envirotex Lite has been approved for "limited" food contact, that means surfaces such as serving trays, counter, table and bar tops, etc., but not the interior of cups, dishes where food maybe heated or stored."

Oh, and by the way this information applies to ALL epoxy type coatings.  

Envirotex Lite was designed as a coating and was never intended for use with food applications. The fact that so many artisans have found many different ways to use the product is very exciting. ETI encourages you to refer to their Safety Data sheets which are all online  and linked here.   They have worked with a lot of government agencies to ensure that their information is correct and that they meet all regulations.

I updated my plain spoon holder by adding this image and pouring Envirotex Lite over it.  A fast and simple gift idea!