Envirotex Jewelry Resin - First Tutorial!

 Did my resin filled bezel remind you of a girlfriend?
 This is a sneak peak at the packaging for Jewelry Resin!  See the tiny bezel sample?  It is one of many I submitted for the box and features one of my favorite artists!
You can make this bezel and many many more with digital artwork sold by Patty, the artist and owner of Lisa's Altered Art.

Lisa is very generous with her artwork.  She supports anyone making items by hand with her art.  Naturally, she would not want anyone mass producing her work without her permission.  I am so pleased that she is as happy as I am to know that one of her images might appear on the new Jewelry Resin box.
Lisa's Altered Art is available on both Ebay and Etsy.  If you go to her main website you'll find both links.

 It is so easy to make a fun bezel when you buy just one or two of Patty's digital downloads.  I printed a sheet of one inch circles and one inch squares for this tutorial.  See how my Fiskar's one inch punch made cutting these images a breeze?  I have the one inch square punch too!
 If you are new to the blog, you may have missed the posts where I show you how to protect your image from resin staining.  I like to apply three layers of either mod podge or Ultra Seal to my paper letting each application dry completely before applying the next coating.
 Lisa's Altered Art images require no additional embellishment.  The images are on various backgrounds and colours.  You can do a little extra if you would like to though.  I'm an over embellisher and can't leave anything alone.  One thing I do like to add is glitter glue to the edges.
 Sometimes I add three dimensional dots with paint.
 And now and again I include a teeny tiny charm.  A one inch bezel isn't a big surface, but it is amazing what can be added.
 And now the Envirotex Jewelry Resin test.
This new resin has amazing bubble release. Really.  It degases itself.
No more babysitting.  
For those of you who learned how to work with resin from me...you know how I feel about those pesky bubbles.  I have all sorts of tricks for dealing with them.  
But look.  
These are my bezels one minute after I poured in Jewelry Resin.  
Not a bubble.
I feel a little lost.  Suddenly I have nothing to do.
I don't trust any advertisements unless I try it myself.  
This is a picture of my bezels 25 minutes later.  
Still not a bubble.  I am so impressed with Jewelry Resin! 
I hope you enjoyed this first tutorial!
Thank you to Patty at Lisa's Altered Art for your support!

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