Monday, November 21, 2011

Envirotex Jewelry Resin And Dried Flowers

 In case you missed it, last week I announced that ETI was launching a brand new resin for jewelery artisans!  It will be in Michael's Crafts stores this December.  (I'll keep you posted here on dates and prices.)
I have been working with an advance batch and creating some samples for this blog and the company.  My experiments have been amazing.  
I thought my dried flower artist readers might like to know that it performs spectacularly!
The added UV resistance is so important too.
I made this sample in a wood bezel.  I did three pours.  The first pour covered my vintage paper base and dried flowers.  The second allowed me to add gel marker outlines.  The third pour covered up my paint dots.  Each layer is clear as glass!


  1. Nice work! Where do you get bezels?

  2. I do get bezels everywhere, online, Ebay, Michaels Crafts stores, in Toronto at wholesalers....the list is endless. I do know I got this wooden bezel on Etsy a year or two ago...just search "bezel" and you won't believe all that you see, especially on Etsy!

  3. Very pretty! I just asked for ETI Resin for Christmas this year! I think I have a lot of beads and small items that would be perfect to make resin molds with! I hope I get it! I found a round half-egg shape that would be perfect to start out with and I would have lots of use for them :)

    I'll have to search Etsy for bezels too.

    Thanks for all the inspiration!

  4. I love the idea of giving a fragile pressed flower a safe, sturdy home so you can handle it, and display it. Would be a fun way to save a special flower, like a blossom from a wedding bouquet or other special occasion. I'd like to know if the flower will keep its color over time. My experience with pressed flowers is that after a few years everything turns brown.

  5. Nice work! Thanks for the tip about Etsy!

  6. This design performs spectacularly really wonder! I like this your services and source information.

  7. Can you just put the flower straight into the resin? No cover (like wax paper)?

    1. I glue everything in place with a gel medium like Mod Podge. I usually coat my flowers a few times in the process and this seems to work very well with the darker flowers. If I was working with a very light flower I would definitely coat the flower several times so it didn't darken when resin was poured over it.

  8. I love the idea of preserving flowers into jewellery and it's amazing that even a hobbyist can now do thia at home with this resin. Such a pretty design Carmi and thanks for all the tips!


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