The Test Mold

 Here is the result of my new mold trial.  I covered the piece with some gold gilders paste to highlight some of the raised areas.
 Yesterday I told you that when I make a new mold I let it rest for 24 hours.  That is the proper cure time for silicone putty.  Then I fill my mold with "test resin."  Test resin is for me an opportunity to see how the mold turned out and sometimes it even removes some dust or paint which may have adhered to the mold from the original object I made the mold from.  I used EasyCast with some red pigment for the test.
 I was hoping that the mold would be perfect....but you just never know until you try it.
 Ta da!  My test piece is excellent!
Here it is without the gold gilding.  I now know that I can create some amazing pieces with this new mold!

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