Shallow Resin Pours

 This is one of my favorite bezels to work in.  It is a "purse hook blank."  Purse hooks are designed so that a woman's purse can hang off a table instead of sitting on the floor.  I started making my own versions after my purse was stolen in a restaurant in Montreal.
 Purse hook blanks are very shallow.  I glued my lady image in place and coated her three times with mod podge.  You can see the glue in the edges which are very shallow.  I waited until all my glue dried clear.
Then, I poured Envirotex Lite into the bezel very carefully.  You can see from this close up how lucky I was not to have an over pour.  This is one layer of resin which domed very nicely.
(Blank purse hooks can be found on Ebay)

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