The Paris Tin - Part Two

Yesterday I showed you a picture of my missing rhinestones. :(
So I wanted to add some embellishment to this next layer before I poured in more EasyCast resin.  I like to use paint dots.  The brand names for the paint I use to make dots include; Liquid Pearls and Scribbles.  They are basically dimensional paint in a small squeeze bottle.  I used pink liquid pearls to add the pink dots and blue scribbles.  Both work the same.  When the paint dries, it is very hard.  I also added some miniature dried flowers.  I took the time to glue these in place.
 Then I poured in my second layer of EasyCast resin.  My tin is very uneven.  I have to work slowly to avoid over-pouring in bent areas.
My tiny rose flower will be higher than this layer of resin so I was careful to coat it completely so it would cure in place.  I have just a tiny space to do one more layer tomorrow!

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