Monday, October 24, 2011

EasyCast Resin For Halloween!

 This is the time of year you will be able to find some interesting ice cube trays.  I love this one!  You might be surprised that you can use them as a mold to cast wonderful resin pieces.  Once you do however, do not use them for ice or food making.
 I whipped up two batches of EasyCast resin for this ice cube tray experiment.  To one batch I added white pigment and to the second black pigment.  These pigments are opaque, so the molded item will be  solid colour.
I'll show you how they look after they cure for the next 24 hours!


  1. Have you ever made tie-dye resin pours? Or can you swirl colors in resin over the 24 hour cure time?

  2. So glad to see this post. My SIL gave this exact ice cube tray to my DH as a joke. We're a little old to be marveling over skeleton ice cubes. Maybe he'll let me use it for this!! Glad to know I can repurpose ice cube trays.

  3. Did you spray the mold with mold release first? Or is that not necessary for silicone?

  4. I didn't spray the mold...although why I didn't is a mystery. The mold release always makes it so much easier to pop the cured pieces out....but as you can see with the picture I was able to stretch the mold and pop it out without it.

  5. Chris, I have done some resin marbling techniques...if you see the blog sidebar you'll see some links to "colouring." I have not done a lot though. I hope to experiment more in the new year!


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