Do You Have Questions?

Our blog has been very active since our launch in April.
As the blog author, I can't describe how exciting it is to see your responses to some of my posts.  It is a dream come true!  
When I started working with Envirotex Lite I knew this would be my art medium of choice.  I know it is easy to just call it resin...but Envirotex Lite is different than the other products on the market and I'd like to tell you more about it and what makes it extra special.  I get many emails asking me questions about Envirotex Lite and some of the other amazing products Environmental Technology Inc. (ETI) manufactures.  I have access to the surprise...and the company has answered so many of my questions that I wonder if I might not have a past life as an alchemist after all. It is all so interesting to me, and I do learn something new everyday! So rather than just answer one person at a time I would like to answer some of the usual questions in a blog series.  I am calling it "Resin Fact Week" so the answers can be permanently linked to the blog for everyone.  (And by saying "I" what I mean is me and the experts at ETI!)

So email me your questions: