Resin On Glass

 Vintage optical lenses have been very popular in the last couple of years.  They are unique and easy to turn into a pendant.  They can be found online and in antique markets.
 The lenses are glass so when you glue an image to one side it is already protected by the glass on the reverse.
 I chose this butterfly image from a napkin.  Napkins are fun to work with because they can become very translucent.  I glued the napkin to one side of the lens.  See how some of it was bigger than the lens itself?  I let this dry and then I trim away the excess.
 The side protected by the glass looks great.  But I want my back to be just as protected.  That way my image won't rub or wear away when it is worn.
Envirotex Lite resin makes the back as perfect as the front.  
Here is the back with one layer of resin.  It is as clear as the glass - shiny and permanent!