Mosaics With Resin Mini Tiles and EasyCast

 My love of France is fairly obvious with this new bezel!
 I made two mosaic themed bezels with resin tiles.  The tiles are from a scrap booking company called Harmonie.
 The tiles have such beautiful colouring.  They look like they were shaved from a rock but they are in fact resin too!
 And since they were made of resin, I was able to trim them a little to fit snugly into the bezel.
 I just loved how they looked!  Before I poured some resin over them I looked through my charm collection for something extra I could add to the bezel.
 I had one small fleur de lis and one large one.  The smaller one meant that more of the mosaic was visible.  This is my bezel filled with EasyCast resin.  I waited for the resin to gel for a few hours before adding the charm.
 I can't decide which mosaic I like better!

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