Mosaics With Glass Leaf Beads and EasyCast!

 Sigh.  I love this bezel.  I am so glad I made it.  
It reminds me of stained glass windows.
 My plan was to use some interesting shapes in my bezel for this mosaic idea.
 I was starting to wonder if I should glue these into the bezel....
they are fairly light and I worried they might float around in the resin.
 And then I had my idea.  I decided to use some glass beads as a faux grout.
 I filled all the open spaces with glass beads.
 Now I was certain that after I poured EasyCast into this bezel that all the leaves would stay in place.
 But then I had my surprise.  Clear glass beads are invisible when you pour resin over them!
Oh, and I had to watch this bezel because little air bubbles got trapped in those glass beads!  I found this bubble about two hours after I poured EasyCast into the bezel.  I used a pin to pop it.
The cross just called to me when I realized I had created the look of stained glass.  I placed the cross into the resin after it had gelled for about four hours.

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