Japanese Paper Bezels

 One of the simplest techniques I can recommend to make fantastic resin filled bezels is to use Japanese papers.
I don't think you will be surprised to learn that I have a HUGE Japanese paper stash.  Living in and around Toronto my whole life gives me access to The Japanese Paper Place, the main wholesaler for these papers in Canada.  When I want to make some truly beautiful bezels I pull out some of my papers and punch one inch circles from them.  The one inch punch I prefer is from Fiskars because you can see where you are lining up your punch.
 The papers look very pretty just glued into a bezel.   They are about to become even better!
 This is one of the few instances when I do not apply any sort of a sealer to the paper.  Don't ask me why, the paper does not have the same staining issues.  The results are always stunning.  
For the project I mixed up a batch of Envirotex Lite.
 Here are the bezels curing.
Another thing I love about this paper is that the areas that are "white" become somewhat transparent after the resin has soaked in.  I hope you can try this technique!

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