Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Bezel Recovery!

 Yeah!  I saved the kokeshi bezels!  
Whew.  I am so glad I kept my cool and didn't throw these away.
 Yesterday I showed you my over-pour incident.  It's been a long time since I have made a "resin mistake" involving all my bezels.
A few of you wrote in with ideas.  Thank you!  Here is what I posted back:
I do believe in this instance...I just over poured.  Usually when I want to add a "dome" I pour my resin into a squeeze bottle so I can carefully drip resin onto a surface.  This time....I just dribbled from a cup...too much, too fast.  Lesson learned....speed is not your friend with precision resin work!
 But you can easily save mistakes like these!  I let the resin cure for just under 12 hours.  At this stage it is still soft and easily trimmed with an blade or scissors. 
I ran my blade around the rim and peeled the excess away!
Isn't that a wonderful fix?  
You have to do it early though...if I had waited 24 hours I would have had to use a sanding tool.


  1. Great advice! I have over poured a few times myself:)

  2. Appreciate learning the fixes. Makes the product more appealing to use.

  3. Nice save! That is very good to know about the partial set, being the key to being able to easily cut away the excess resin. Sanding would not only have been a pain, you may have risked scratching your bezel, trying to get rid of the spill.

  4. You are so right - speed really isnt always the way to go . Nice fix - love the pieces

  5. Awesome! jean xox

    I love the pieces too!


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