Wednesday, August 24, 2011

EasyCast-Clear Casting Epoxy - Part Two

 I really like results day!
Photographing the pieces from my first tray using EasyCast taught me a very important lesson.
 For molds that are deep (like the one I used) it makes much more sense to use EasyCast.  I have always loved Envirotex Lite.  Many of these blog posts feature Envirotex Lite and it really is ideal for resin work involving bezels, glazing and of course the classic table top or canvas top applications. 

EasyCast was designed for casting though!  
I think my results showcase how fantastic this product is.
 This is the mold I started with and if you go back the that post you will see how I set up my tray for use.
 I filled each tray opening with some special beads.  These are my new baubles, freshly popped from the mold.
 Crystal clear is the best description.
 Simple one colour themed molds look fantastic.
 This group of beads just glows in the EasyCast.  I will wait another day before I sand the edges a little.  EasyCast reminds you in the instructions the a full cure is 72 hours.
I had one small mistake though.  I will repair it, but I wanted to show it to you.
This star is missing some resin.  The purple bead settled in the corner and blocked the EasyCast from flowing underneath it.  Next time I mix up a batch of Envirotex Lite I will fill that hole!  I'll probably add another crystal now too.


  1. These look great! I'm so glad you're covering Easy Cast, you make it look effortless. I can't wait to try it~

  2. It does look cool, but what do you do with the finished molds? What can they be used for? I can see this as something I'd enjoy making, but then I'd have a bunch of pretty molds just laying around.

  3. Love the results, but I'm very interested in your answer to Christina P.

    Thanks again.

  4. They're gorgeous! Thanks for all the tips.

    I now appreciate the difference between Easy Cast and Envirotex Lite. Sometimes, I'm not sure which to use.

  5. Hi Christina,
    Most people who use molds have their own reasons for wanting to make one of a kind objects. In my case I make jewelery, I alter books, I make door knobs, I decorate frames...really the uses for me are endless. I don't always have a finished project in mind when I make them. I do know that I use everything I make though!

  6. These are beautiful pieces. I'm wondering if you could use one as a base for a memo holder, the kind that's made from a piece of wire with an alligator clip on top. Could you drill into the cast and glue a piece of wire in? Could you create a mold with the wire already sticking out of it and have it embedded in the cast along with everything else?

  7. A memo holder is a brilliant idea! It would be hard to do a mold with the wire sticking in it already...unless you had something to hold the wire straight up while the resin cured. It is very easy to just drill a hole when the mold is cured. I have a hand drill and I also use a dremel all the time to make holes.

  8. Cool! I've been curious for awhile about what you actually do with resin molds! I've been following you for awhile now and finally I just had to ask! I really like the memo holder idea!

  9. could you please help me, i have tried several castings with this EasyCast and after 72 hrs my cast are soft. You can still make indents on the surface. and some of the pendants i have made that are thin (2/3 of the castin'craft molds), i can actually bend them which is not good.

  10. Hello anderkober! Sorry your casting is soft....that is usually a sign that you did not do a perfect one to one ratio of mixing....or that you are working in a very cool location. I have a blog post today on temperature. If you can, place your molds in a sunny window...that might save them.

  11. Good post I really appreciate your discussions on Easy Cast. I agree of Etcetorize said easy and effortless. as we've observe your presentation its just really simple and appreciable.

    résine epoxy

  12. I made a one of a kind tray for my daughter's 50th birthday. I watched videos, read blogs and was very careful. Did it last week and it has still not set up. I called Clear Cast and was told I would have to scrape off any soft material and then do another layer. She said to make sure that all the soft was scraped off or it would show through the next layer. Just an FYI. Cross your fingers this works and a lot of prayer may not hurt. I have to save this piece.

    1. I am going to send a little wish your way! As long as you do a perfect measure (1 to 1 ratio) and your room is the right temperature (72 degrees F or more) you should have a perfect cure. I imagine customer service already told you this, but I do set projects like this in a sunny window if I can as well. Tell me what happens!!


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