The Deep Pour - Or Why You Need Polyester Casting Resin Part FIVE - The Paper Weight I Love!

Friends, I went back to the drawing board!  After a week of experimentation and happy accidents I realized that the paper weight I really wanted was this one!  I am so thrilled with this result!
 Yesterday I explained how I wanted to show off some Japanese paper in the Polyester Casting Resin.
It took two tries but I managed to finally do a great casting!
But I decided to try one more time.  This time the order of the inclusions was different.
1.  Pour 1/2 inch of polyester casting resin into mold.
2.  Wait 15 minutes and then apply a little resin to each button and then submerge them into the resin before it completely gelled.
3.  Apply polyester casting resin to both sides of a piece of Japanese paper. Add it to the surface of the first pour to cover the buttons, and wait for all this to gel.  15-20 more minutes.
4.  Add a final pour of clear polyester to fill the whole mold.
Look at how crystal clear my piece is!  The buttons look magical and you can see the Japanese paper floating below them!  I have a good idea what everyone will be getting for Christmas present this year!

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