Working In Molds - Part Two

 Over the course of two days I filled this mold with Envirotex Lite.  In part one of this tutorial I explained why.
Working in a mold is different because everything is backwards.  This last "to the brim" pour will become the back of the mold.  So I don't have to worry about bubbles as much as I do when I am working in a bezel.  
Below are all the molds I made.  I still have to do some sanding on the edges, but I did want to show you my results and tell you what I embedded in each shape.

Row 1 - Crochet sample, yarn, mica flakes
Row 2 - Dried flower, vintage rhinestone strip, brass charm and rhinestone component
Row 3 - tiny rocks, shells and glass beads, gold foil
Row 4 - plastic dice, plastic toy family, watch parts
Row 5 - wood beads, glass crystals
Row 6 - sequins and beads, computer parts
Row 7 - toy car, glass beads, wood bug
Row 8 - orange beads, tiny bisque doll, sequins and beads