Thursday, July 7, 2011

Working In Molds - Part Two

 Over the course of two days I filled this mold with Envirotex Lite.  In part one of this tutorial I explained why.
Working in a mold is different because everything is backwards.  This last "to the brim" pour will become the back of the mold.  So I don't have to worry about bubbles as much as I do when I am working in a bezel.  
Below are all the molds I made.  I still have to do some sanding on the edges, but I did want to show you my results and tell you what I embedded in each shape.

Row 1 - Crochet sample, yarn, mica flakes
Row 2 - Dried flower, vintage rhinestone strip, brass charm and rhinestone component
Row 3 - tiny rocks, shells and glass beads, gold foil
Row 4 - plastic dice, plastic toy family, watch parts
Row 5 - wood beads, glass crystals
Row 6 - sequins and beads, computer parts
Row 7 - toy car, glass beads, wood bug
Row 8 - orange beads, tiny bisque doll, sequins and beads


  1. they look wonderful, now do you just drill a hole for a jumpring or bail? Can one be added in the pouring process?
    take care & i love the tips ttfn Lana :)

  2. Fantastic information! Thank you Carmi!
    Take care,

  3. I will definitely use both techniques. When there is room I will drill a hole (you can use a hand drill) and if the embedded objects occupy the whole mold shape (like the shells sample) I will glue a bail to the back instead.

  4. What material is the mold made of? Could you use the material that holds store bought cookies, for example. How about the silicon molds from the baking aisle? I love your "beads"! Can't wait to see what you make out of them.

  5. The molds are made with re-usable polypropylene.
    I use the baking silicone molds too! I have not tried anything else other than the molds I make myself with Environmental Technology Inc. Mold Making products.

  6. Wow! I am learning so much from your blog. Thanks for sharing with me the "newbie".

  7. Do the molds require a mold release?

  8. It is definitely a lot easier to pop these out if you use the mold release. I tested it without to see how it would go...and while it was super finicky, as you can see, I got them all out.

  9. I like them all, but the one with mica flecks is just stunning!

  10. These are great - love the texture of the one with glass beads. Which craft stores stock the supplies again?

  11. Your resin jewellery looks fantastic. Superb blog x

  12. So do you not worry about the bubbles that might form on the top of the finished jewel? I love all the different objects. thank you for sharing.

    1. I try not to obsess too much...unless a bubble covers something important. In molds like this they are not very noticeable.


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