Working In Silicone Bakeware - Part One

 I have received a few emails about working in molds that were created for baking food.  I have found some really interesting non-stick food quality silicone molds in my travels.  I pour resin into them all the time!
So I have started a project this week to show you one of my my molds in action. 

Here is my pan recipe.
Mix up a small batch of Envirotex Lite and pour it into these mold openings.  Do not pour more than about 1/8th of an inch into each opening.
Let first pour cure over night.   A clear first pour will make you images pop.
Remember that you are working backwards.  The bottom of the mold is the top when you remove the cured final piece.
Place an image face down into that resin.  Protect the image back with three layers of Ultra-Seal or Mod Podge.  Let all the glue dry.
Mix up another batch of Envirotex Lite.  Add opaque red pigment colorant.  Pour this into the openings
Let this cure.
Come back to the blog tomorrow for finished batch.

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